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400W High Power LED Light Source

Brief Description of 400W High Power LED Light Source

Electrical/Optical Characteristics of 400W High Power LED Light Source

Order Instruction

Circuit Relationship: 20 series & 20 parallels

Model No.




Chip Brand

Chip Size

Input voltage(V)

Chip Quantity

Input current (mA)

EYE-P400R-400WRed620-660 nm20000-24000Epistar, Epileds40mil, 42mil 40-48400pcs6000-7000
EYE-P400Y-400WYellow585-595 nm12000-16000Epileds40mil40-48400pcs6000-7000
EYE-P400G-400WGreen510-525 nm24000-28000Epileds40mil60-66400pcs6000-7000
EYE-P400B-400WBlue455-470 nm20000-24000Epistar, Bridgelux, Cree35mil, 45mil 60-66400pcs6000-7000
EYE-P400UV-400WUV365-445 nm16000-20000Epistar, Epileds30mil, 40mil, 45mil 60-66400pcs6000-7000
EYE-P400W-400WWhite2700-20000K40000-60000Epistar, Bridgelux, Cree35mil, 45mil60-66400pcs6000-7000


  • Super Cost Saving 50%
  • Ultimate Stability
  • Super Fast heat Transfer
  • Superior Power-Density
  • Up to 140LM/W
  • Good Quality& High Cost Performance
  • Environment-friendly: no mercury and other harmful heavy metal, no light harmful for plant
  • Idea you give, Customized product we supply , contact us now


  • Three years quality assurance
  • High power LED light commitment (substrate temperature <55℃): 1000h < 3%; 3000h < 5%; 10000h < 10%


  • Long life: product life of up to 50,000 hours
  • Nanosecond response time, brightness and color make it easy to dynamically control: enables dynamic color changes and digital control
  • A large design space: the organic architecture can be realized with the integration to only see the effect of light not seen light
  • Environmental protection: no toxic metals mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation.l
  • Color: different wavelengths produce different colored light, bright saturated, no filter, can control red, green and blue primary colors to form a variety of colors, can realize full-color gradients, and other color effects.
  • Less power consumption: light effects to 60 lm/w of the LED power consumption than equivalent incandescent brightness reduced by 80%;

Applications for 400W High Power LED Light Source

  • Tracking light for shop and supermarket
  • High Bay Light ,Stage Light
  • Flood light,Spot light for ourdoor
  • Growing light for plant,vegetable,flower
Image: 400w-high-power-led-light-source-application

Products Pictures of 400W High Power LED Light Source

The Structure Design Picture of 400W High Power Led Light Source

Image: the-structure-design-picture-of-400w-high-power-led-light-source

400W High Power Led Light Drawing

Image: 400w-high-power--led-light-source-drawing

Products Pictures of 400W High Power LED Light Source

Image: 400w-high-power-led-light-source

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  10. Yes, there is a normal contract before the order is placed.
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  12. Invoice can be generated with formal contract with company seals.
  13. What is the most important thing in the world?

  14. Stage will tell you is the brilliant light.
    Family will tell you is the warm light.
    Night will tell you is the direction.
    EYELED brings the brightness, warmness and hope.

Package of 400W High Power LED Light Source

  • 20 pieces/tray,10 trays/box,4 boxes/carton
  • Tray size:20cm*15cm*1cm
  • Box size:25cm*20cm*10cm
  • Carton size:55cm*45cm*15cm
  • Or as per customer's request
Image: 400w-high-power-led-light-source-packing
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