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30W Red 650-660nm Plant LED Grow Light

Brief Description of 30W Red 650-660nm Plant LED Grow Light

The Drawing of 30W Red 650-660nm Plant LED Grow Light

Image: the-drawing-of-30w-red-cob-integrated-led-grow-light.

The Product Picture of 30W Red 650-660nm Plant LED Grow Light

Image: 30w-red-650-660nm-plant-led-grow-light02
Image: 30w-red-650-660nm-plant-led-grow-light01
Image: 30w-red-650-660nm-plant-led-grow-light.jpg

Applications for 30W Red 650-660nm Plant LED Grow Light

Image: the-application-of-100w-red-cob-integrated-led-grow-light

Electrical/Optical Characteristics of 30W Red 650-660nm Plant LED Grow Light

  • Model Number:Eg-30wred01
  • Light Source:LED
  • Wavelength:650-660nm
  • Emitting Color: Red
  • Bracket:copper
  • Chip brand:Taiwan EPILEDS
  • Lamp Power(W):30
  • Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):1350
  • CRI (Ra>):90
  • Input Voltage(V):22
  • Forward Curtent:1050mA
  • Certification:CE, Energy Star, RoHS
  • Voltage: 20V-26V
  • Heat Resistance:≤10(°/W)
  • Working Lifetime(Hour):100000
  • Maximum allowable junction temperature:150°
  • Working Temperature(℃): -45 - 100

Product Features

Product Features of 30W Red 650-660nm Plant LED Grow Light
  • 1.Accurate wavelength
  • 2.Low luminous decay
  • 3.Long service life
  • 4.Good lighting effect
  • 5.No color difference
  • 6.Environmental friendliness
  • 7.Energy Saving


  • Three years quality assurance
  • High power LED light commitment (substrate temperature <55℃): 1000h < 3%; 3000h < 5%; 10000h < 10%


  • Standard led chips:

    American BRIDGELUX, Taiwan EPISTAR, Taiwan EPILEDS, Taiwan GENESIS authorized cooperative manufacturers , Brand chip has high brightness and long lasting stability, reliability in orde to improve your product quality and taste of the lamp.
  • led-chip-famamous-brand-american-bridgelux,-taiwan-epistar,-taiwan-epileds,-taiwan-genesis cooperative supplier
    Image: led-chip-famamous-brand-american-bridgelux,-taiwan-epistar,-taiwan-epileds,-taiwan-genesis cooperative supplier
  • Substrate & Brackets:

    We use up to 386.4w (M.K) red copper as the substrate of high power integrated light source, the bracket pin part adopts brass as a conductive electrode, excellent thermal conductivity to make the heat of the LED chip at breakneck speed be conducted to the radiator and to reduce the chip junction temperature, thus extend the integrated light source life.
    The bottom of the copper substrate is plated by silver to prevent copper oxidation, in order to ensure the effect, we plate at least more than 60 step thickness,the light decay and life has a very strong correlation with the bracket of LED integrated light source
  • 386.4w-(m.k)-red-copper-as-the-substrate-of-integrated--led-light-source
    Image: 386.4w-(m.k)-red-copper-as-the-substrate-of-integrated--led-light-source
    Image: the-high-power-led's-bracket-pin-part-adopts-brass
  • Fluorescent powder,silica gel,and silver colloid:

    Our company use Intematix phosphors YAG series products as fluorescent powder, KER series of ShinEtsu as silicone,Japan KYOCERA CT285 as solid crystal silver , high thermal conductivity, high luminous efficiency, low light decay, high stability, high purity, does not affect the light source color, that is the reasons why we choose these brands.
  • america-intematix-phosphors-fluorescent-powder
    Image: america-intematix-phosphors-fluorescent-powder
    Image: japan-shinetsu-ker--silicone-gel
    Image: japan-kyocera-ct285-silver-colloid
  • Double gold wire:

    99.99% gold wire for standard high-end integrated light source, high tensile strengths and low resistivity area is main reason why I choose Dabai and Heraeus golden wire , and the 1.2mil diameter high quality gold wire is always used for below 100W products, 1.5mil gold wire for above 100W products. large diameter Gold wire helps to improve the product compression ability to reduce the dead light probability because of gold wire fracture by pressing and improve the heat transfer.the United States, Taiwan standard chip full of walts, 4 pieces of gold wires, high power and high lumen
  • 1.5mil-gold-wire-for-high-power-led-jpg
    Image: 1.5mil-gold-wire-for-high-power-led-jpg
  • Two welding point :

    The connecting position between the chip and the bracket is the most vulnerable place, we add another two welding point procedure to provide reliability
  • Low voltage :

    With low voltage chip at the same bin, chip current consistent, load uniformity, extinguish in good order
  • Dust-free packaging:

    Dust free workshop, no debris will fall into the silica gel and gold wire,it can reduce temperature coalescence and improve stability
  • Blue film protection:

    Blue film prevents rosin and tin splashing onto the light source surface while welding in case it damage the light source surface.
    100w-red-cob-integrated-led-grow-light with blue film
    Image: 100w-red-cob-integrated-led-grow-light with blue film
  • Uniform luminescence:

    Chip selection, weld inspection, shipment inspection, reject defect, uniform luminescence

Our Services

  • We have our own independent R&D department on existing products for better maintenance, we still continue to develop high-tech products. We have our own patented products.
  • Our products must pass strict quality control procedures.
  • We have advanced production equipment.
  • We use the raw materials are from domestic and foreign well-known brand manufacturers.
  • After repeated tests before shipment.


  1. Can I have a sample order for lamp leds ?

  2. Answer: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.
  3. What about the lead time?

  4. Answer: Sample needs 3-5 days, mass production time needs 1-2 weeks for order quantity more than 100000 pieces.
  5. Why at the same color temperature , but the light color miss far?

  6. Answer: Because an color temperature is only a parameter which only measure the light color, the more accurate the standard is the color coordinates, the same color temperature is as a straight line can have different color coordinate, each coordinate is corresponding to the point on the color temperature on the graph, the color is unique, Shenzhen Eye Green Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd’s shipping standard is in accordance with the United States Energy Star CIE1931 color temperature partition standard as the basis and reduce shipping coordinate range on this basis in order to let the product color more consistent.
    Eye Green&the United States Energy Star CIE1931 color temperature partition standard color coordinates
    Image: the-united-states-energy-star-cie1931-color-temperature-partition-standard-color-coordinates

    Shipment range in blue for the united states energy-star, shipment range in red for eye green
    Image: shipment-range-in-blue-for-the-united-states-energy-star,-in-red-for-eye-green
  7. How about Custom product?

  8. Answer: Eye Green Manufacture procedure capability
    1. Wavelength:360-950nm
    2. Light surface size: 500mm*150mm*10mm(length,width,height)
    3. Color rendering index:95
    4. Color temperature:1500-2500k
    5. Light efficiency:150lm/w
    6. Power capacity:1-1500w
    B.Eye Green has many years high power photoelectric source of experience in the industry, according to the requirements of customers non-standard LED light source can be customized. C.For R & D products paid by our Customers, we have to keep them secret strictly.
  9. How long is Eye Green's Warranty?

  10. Answer: Warranty commitment to quality products: All products sold, 3 years warranty For customer quality complaints: “A,B,C principles”
    A: We must respond to customer inquiries within one day
    B. We should analyze the root cause within 3 days.
    C. we can make a solution within 5 days.
  11. What about Eye Green's Product Record?

  12. Answer: All products shipped by Shenzhen Eye Green Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd have 5 copies of records,
    2.Production process
    3.Shipment inspection report
    4.Shipment test report
    5.Delivery report.
    These 5 copies after shipment are bounded together, according to the order flow number and are filed for 3 years in case the customers need to query the parameters and material status within 3 years, if the customers need these, we can give it to them within3 minutes Good points about the files.
    A. It ensure the consistency of the customer return
    B. If there is the quality dispute, there is a complete data traceability
  13. Do you offer guarantee for the products?

  14. Answer: Yes, we offer 3 years warranty to our products.
  15. How to deal with the faulty?

  16. Answer: Firstly, Our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 0.2%.
    Secondly, during the guarantee period, we will send new lights with new order for small quantity. For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend them to you or we can discuss the solution i ncluding re-call according to real situation.
  17. What is the most important thing in the world?

  18. Answer: Stage will tell you is the brilliant light.
    Family will tell you is the warm light.
    Night will tell you is the direction.
    EYELED brings the brightness, warmness and hope.

Package of 30W Red 650-660nm Plant LED Grow Light

  • 20 pieces/tray,10 trays/box,4 boxes/carton
  • Tray size:20cm*15cm*1cm
  • Box size:25cm*20cm*10cm
  • Carton size:55cm*45cm*15cm
  • Or as per customer's request
Image: 30W Red 650-660nm Plant LED Grow Light-packing
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